Parish Councillor Vacancies

Oving Parish Council
Notice of two vacancies for a Parish Councillor

Oving Parish Council has two vacancies for those eligible to become Parish Councillor

The ‘Vacancy for a Councillor’ notice has been published on all noticeboards dated 18th September 2017.  If the Returning Officer has not received written notice to request that the vacancies be filled by election, the two vacancies will then be filled through the co-option process.

Oving Parish Plan Action List

Oving Parish Plan Action List May 2017

Affordable Social Housing



Bus Services

Care Homes

Community Cohesion

Cycle paths



Flood management

Flytipping and Litter


Horticultural Impact


Jubilee Hal

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Recreation Ground

Road Safety



street lighting

Verges and hedges

Flash news Public Rights of Way Routine Maintenance (PROW)

Flash news

Public Rights of Way Routine Maintenance (PROW)

We have a new and keen Access Ranger who is our public Rights of  Way inspector.

He will be organising an inspection of our Public Rights of Way next month (date yet unknown)

Following the inspection, he will be organising routine maintenance work to be carried out

BUT we (you) have the opportunity to notify him of any issues that we (you) are aware of.

Simply email your Parish Clerk at with your concern.

It would be helpful if you could identify the pathway using the following iMap   I would suggest you read ‘How to use the iMap’ before using it as, unfortunately, it is not as intuitive as we would like.

Oving Fibre Broadband

Oving Now Has Fibre Broadband !

The Oving fibre Cabinet is now LIVE !

Many properties within the Oving Parish can now have access to fast fibre broadband. This is described as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and our designated Cabinet is Chichester 87. If you would like to find out if your property can now avail of faster broadband, you should contact your preferred Internet Company (ISP) and ask them what speeds they can delivery to you, and what contract terms.

Aviva – Oving Village Hall Kitchen Project

The Aviva Community Fund offers the opportunity to bid for funds to supports local projects and I have submitted a bid to help us put a new kitchen in the village hall. 

Success depends on getting votes to support our project so below is a link to our bid.  You do have to register but please stick with it, it doesn’t take long.  You can then read our bid and choose to allocate all or some votes to our project.  

We have 28 days to collect as many votes as possible so please can I ask you to support us.  Please could you also share this email and link with as many of your friends and family as possible and ask them to do the same. It doesn’t appear to matter where the votes come from as long as we collect lots and lots!


 Thank you so much,
Oving Village Hall