Mission Action Plan

Our Mission Action Plans are “SMART” and reviewed at every 6 weekly PCC. In September 2013 they were:

  1. To serve God and the community in striving to let everyone know and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Sustain pastoral care to the village and local community  during the Vacancy
  • Engender a spirit of welcome and sustenance
  • Publicise services, church events and activities
  1. To continue to make our services accessible to families with young children
  • Provide a regular service aimed at children
  • Review periodically the effectiveness and relevance of our provision
  • Develop the spiritual understanding of the younger community
  • Involve children regularly in all services and familiarise them with the traditional forms of worship
  • Community outreach – Provide a place of friendship for the wider community to come to
  • Encourage children to take leadership roles within the worship:
  • Encourage fellowship, community and spiritual development and understanding church in a wider context
  • Develop the teenage work within the church
  • Maintain and develop links with the March School

To expand the musical life of the church.

  • Encourage more people to join the Y@H band and create a better space for it
  • Improve the musical setting of the Mass and increase congregation participation
  • Encourage participation in “Not the Community” choir
  • Increase the number of musical events run by the church
  • Increase participation of children in choral events
  • Increase incidental music before and after services
  • Identify people who can support the roles of the current organist and choirmaster:
  1. To preserve and maintain our church building as a place of worship and as an accessible venue for social gatherings for all generations
  • Maintain the exterior and interior fabric of the building, churchyard and burial ground
  • Encourage locals and tourists to visit the church for either private prayer or to enjoy its history, or both
  • Create a more flexible space to allow for a variety of events in the building
  1. To pay as much of our quota as possible whilst increasing our charitable giving
  • Break even for 2013
  • Increase our giving to charities by 10%
  • Develop and agree a five year plan with the PCC for increasing our giving to the Diocese